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Tailor-made solutions

Flavours define the sense of taste and make tobacco products unique. Our customers benefit from a long tradition of great flavours designed by Hertz Flavors. We combine creativity and knowledge to deliver world-class flavours to design the best taste for your product. Customer-orientation means creating flavours that make successful brands with superior taste. Our products are all exclusive, designed to the specifications and requirements of our customers. We do not only sell flavours.


We offer integrated solutions and yield for the perfect interplay between flavour and product. This includes innovative solutions to enhance the sensual perception of our flavours, to compensate taste loss and to create a pleasant aftertaste, all to exceed your customers’ highest expectations. Our products are applied on tobacco, paper, filters, and in liquids. To achieve the best possible development outcome, we care for every detail such as tobacco blend, paper, and filter of the cigarette or the design of the atomizer, flavour depot and battery of the e-cigarette.


Serving the customer additionally means to consider legislative aspects for the different markets as well as special wishes, e.g. all Natural or GMO-free ingredients, in the development of the flavours. Beyond that the offering of the integrated design of additives like taste enhancers or packing flavours to optimize the first sensual impression of the product is a premium service that results in distinguishable products. Last but not least, we test all our flavours on realistic prototypes which are prepared by our application unit several times in each development project. Nothing leaves our R&D facilities, before our customers and we are not satisfied with our work – and we are only satisfied with the best.

Flavors, Casings & Applications

Our philosophy is simple: tailor-made solutions for superior taste. As an innovative partner we offer more than high-quality flavours. Together with our customers we create customized flavours for tobacco products with character.


  • Casings and Top Flavours have been, and still are, the most important means for the refinement of the final taste of a cigarette. Besides from Casings Keys (i.e. concentrates) and Overall Casings both for Burley and Virginia/Orient blend blocks, Casings and Additives for reconstituted/homogenised tobacco, stems and expanded tobacco have gained significant importance.
    • We are specialized in the development of Top Flavours, Casings Keys, Overall Casings, Additives, Enhancers and Smoothers for decades and have gained a profound experience in this field. Long-lasting business relationships with major manufactures have let us leave a footprint in many brands.


The development of Casings, Top Flavours as well as Clove Enhancers/Modifiers for traditional Kreteks has a long tradition at Hertz Flavors. Today we are focusing on the Mild segment and design our additives in close cooperation with the individual clients to meet the modern Kretek taste profile and lower tar yields.


Flavoured shisha products – mainly tobacco molasses, but recently new creations such as stones, herbs and various other carriers – have become a growing segment in the past decade. In cooperation with our customers we have developed successful and well-known flavours worldwide. Today we are covering the whole range of widely-spread taste profiles, both traditional and modern, in shisha products by using an extensive range of high-quality ingredients.


  • With e-products gaining in popularity in many markets worldwide, we have translated our experience and passion for premium flavours with our strategic partner FLAVORIQ into the e-liquid business. Especially, when it comes to tobacco flavours or the design of flavours in combination with nicotine liquids, a profound, long-time experience in this field results in superior products.
    • Today FLAVORIQ offers premium e-flavours and e-liquids with various taste profiles to B2B customers (bulk quantities only) that have been designed particularly for the use in electronic smoking devices. Next to the well-known service of exclusive, tailor-made flavour development that results in signature products, a wide range of platform e-flavors that are fully customizable are available. For more information please visit and register to FLAVORIQs B2B platform here.

      Flavours: Tobacco, Fresh/Mint/Menthol, Fruity, Sweets&Coffee, Drinks&Cocktails, Misc

      Liquids: Full flavor choice with various base mixes with/without nicotine


Flavoured cigarillos and cigars have gained popularity in Europe, the US and Caribbean countries. Our development focuses on brand-distinctive taste profiles aiming for particular markets. Our flavour development in this segment let to successful brands in the major markets.

Flavours: Various

Snus, Snuff and Chewing Tobacco

  • Chewing tobacco is one of the oldest methods of consuming tobacco and still is popular in parts of the American Southeast and Europe. Though this segment is very small, Hertz Flavors has shown the same dedication to create superior flavours for our customers.
    • Snus and snuff flavours have made their way from Sweden to the US, where specific new flavours adapted to the American taste preference have been designed and marketed. New developments, especially in the US, increased when major Players intensified their efforts in this market which gave our flavours a new momentum.

      Flavours: Various


Since the very beginning, Hertz Flavors has been offering exclusive casings and top flavours for the traditional and innovative pipe tobacco segment. During our intense and long-term relationship with many of the world finest brands we have created valuable knowledge to serve our clients at best.


Roll- and Make-Your-Own brands have shown increased demand hand-in-hand with the ever-increasing taxes on tobacco products. Traditional RYO products have undergone various blend changes to follow the market trends which led to the development of new, adjusted Casings and Top Flavours . Hertz Flavors has always assisted its customers on this journey with modern additives, which are today successfully used in many brands all over the world.

Filter, Capsules and Packaging

Filter and packaging flavours and flavours for encapsulated products have become a new trend and are very successful nowadays. Our developments in this segment are highly customized to our customers’ requirements and have created unique applications of our products that created new leaders in small market niches.

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The power of partnership means understanding our customers´ business environments and delivering exclusive, tailor-made solutions that create distinctive products. As a medium sized company we assist our customers 24/7 if necessary, and always find solutions to the impossible. Being responsive means to rapidly generate new ideas and flavours or to produce and ship urgent orders immediately. On the other hand our customer benefit from our flexibility when we use our knowledge and expertise to find answers to new questions and develop solutions instantaneously.

Independency, Stability & Continuity

Our business is international and so is our orientation. Our customer-centric view has left his marks and made us experts of international tastes and tobacco markets. As Europe´s leading supplier for flavours to the tobacco industry, we service customers all over the world. Our network of partners and representatives covers five continents and allows us to react locally and quickly to customer requests while staying ahead of new market trends. As a family owned company, we act independently and favour stable,organic growth to maintain our leading market position.


Raw Materials At Hertz Flavors we only use raw materials of highest quality from trusted suppliers that share our values related to compliance, transparency and product quality. This enables us to ensure full documentation and traceability back to the source for every batch we deliver to our customers.Compliance Our compliance team makes sure that legislative and company-specific requirements are precisely embedded in our products. An internally developed IT-system for flavour design allows us to incorporate these requirements efficiently in the design of our flavours so that no ingredients can be used, which do not compliy with the legislation or our customers´ internal standards. This also includes the required classification for handling and transportation of hazardous substances and dangerous goods (e.g. GHS, REACH).

Quality - Production

Our ambition also translates into production where we follow our own, higher standards of quality. In our two state-of-the-art production facilities we process Food Grade materials mostly and follow the General Principles of Food Hygiene and Recommended International Code of Practice for which we are accredited with the HACCP certificate since 2008. Our philosophy is simple: superior quality based on efficient processes and high internal standards. In addition to HACCP procedures our quality management system follows the international ISO 9001 standard in every unit of our business. Our passion for quality with strict and comprehensive analyses for all finished and semi-finished products as well as for every batch or even packing unit of incoming raw materials is unrivalled in our industry. To guarantee the integrity of our products and to fulfil our ZERO CLAIM policy, our specialists in quality control use all their know-how and sensual experience as well as modern methods such as GC-MS or NIR analytics with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment.



Interest groups and partners help us to be ahead of time and share and assess future trends, new technologies or regulatory issues.


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