Project Description


With e-products gaining in popularity in many markets worldwide, we have translated our experience and passion for premium flavours with our strategic partner FLAVORIQ into the e-liquid business. Especially, when it comes to tobacco flavours or the design of flavours in combination with nicotine liquids, a profound, long-time experience in this field results in superior products. Today FLAVORIQ offers premium e-flavours and e-liquids with various taste profiles to B2B customers (bulk quantities only) that have been designed particularly for the use in electronic smoking devices. Next to the well-known service of exclusive, tailor-made flavour development that results in signature products, a wide range of platform e-flavors that are fully customizable are available.

For more information please visit and register to FLAVORIQs B2B platform here.

Tobacco, Fresh/Mint/Menthol, Fruity, Sweets&Coffee, Drinks&Cocktails, Misc

Full flavor choice with various base mixes with/without nicotine