Tailor-made solutions
Projektablauf hertz-flavors

Our philosophy is simple: tailor-made solutions for superior taste. As an innovative partner we offer more than high-quality flavours. Together with our customers we create customized flavours for tobacco products with character.

Flavours define the sense of taste and make tobacco products unique. Our customers benefit from a long tradition of great flavours designed by Hertz Flavors. We combine creativity and knowledge to deliver world-class flavours to design the best taste for your product. Customer-orientation means creating flavours that make successful brands with superior taste. Our products are all exclusive, designed to the specifications and requirements of our customers. We do not only sell flavours. We offer integrated solutions and yield for the perfect interplay between flavour and product. This includes innovative solutions to enhance the sensual perception of our flavours, to compensate taste loss and to create a pleasant aftertaste, all to exceed your customers’ highest expectations. Our products are applied on tobacco, paper, filters, and in liquids. To achieve the best possible development outcome, we care for every detail such as tobacco blend, paper, and filter of the cigarette or the design of the atomizer, flavour depot and battery of the e-cigarette.

Serving the customer additionally means to consider legislative aspects for the different markets as well as special wishes, e.g. All Natural or GMO-free ingredients, in the development of the flavours. Beyond that the offering of the integrated design of additives like taste enhancers or packing flavours to optimize the first sensual impression of the product is a premium service that results in distinguishable products. Last but not least, we test all our flavours on realistic prototypes which are prepared by our application unit several times in each development project. Nothing leaves our R&D facilities, before our customers and we are not satisfied with our work – and we are only satisfied with the best.